The Georgia shrimp associationis a non-profit

organization representing the shrimp industry on the Atlantic coast of Georgia since the late 1970's.

The primary goal of GSA is to prevent the deterioration of our local shrimp industry and be an active voice regarding regulations and other issues that may effect our industry

In 2004, in an effort to promote our industry, GSA created the Wild Georgia Shrimp (WGS) marketing program.  This program has educated consumers about the attributes of WGS compared to pond raised imported shrimp.

We realized that tourist were coming to the coast assuming they were being served local shrimp, but unfortunately very few restaurants were serving local shrimp.

With the cooperation of our shrimp boats, unloading facilities, processing plants and distributors, such as Sysco Food Service, we were able to produce, market and distribute a quality product that meets the high standards set forth by our Certification Program.




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